Jerry Jones CPA
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a CPA that you deal directly with, that knows the Self Storage business, that works in all 50 states and is there for you when you need him?
Jerry has been our accountant since we started in the self storage business, some 20 years ago. I look to him as more than an accountant, but as a valuable business asset. He is continually suggesting new ways to reduce costs and improve profits. Also, he has developed some unconventional reports that are very helpful in evaluating our business on a day to day basis. I would recommend him to any self storage operator.
Dennis Geiler
SoCal Self Storage, Southern California

Here’s Where Taxpayers can Find Answers to Questions About Their Tax Refund


As taxpayers with filing extensions submit their returns this summer and fall, some of them may have questions about their refunds. These taxpayers can use the Let Us Help You page to find answers to those questions. This page has links to information and resources that will let them know when to:

  • Expect their refund
  • Check the status of their refund

Here are some other links users will find on the Let Us Help You page about refunds:

Where’s My Refund?

  • This tool allows taxpayers to track their money and find out when they will get it.

Refund less than expected

  • Some taxpayers may receive less money in their refund than they expected. This links to a page that helps taxpayers understand why this happened.

Received a refund but wasn't expecting one

  • When this happens, the taxpayer will need to return the money. This link takes the user to a page that explains how to do this.

Lost refund

  • This link has information to help taxpayers trace their lost refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This page has Q&As that cover a wide range of topics related to federal tax refunds.
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