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Time to Update Your Rental Agreement Concerning Accessibility 

It is always better to think ahead than to wait for trouble to come knocking on your door. The CSSA is acutely aware that its members need to be informed and ready for any and all changes taking place in the industry. The latest involved accessibility inspections and your rental agreements. 

Does your facility provide proper access to those with disabilities? Has your facility been inspected by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and been determined to meet all applicable construction-related accessibility standards set up in Civil Code 55.53? Regardless of your answer to those questions, starting on July 1 you will want to have it written into your rental agreements if you want to avoid future ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) legal entanglements. 

Self-Storage Metropolitan Statistical Area Report - First Quarter 2013

Self-Storage Metropolitan Statistical Area Report - First Quarter 2013The Metropolitan Statistical Area Report contains information regarding income, expenses, occupancy, supply, rental rates and concessions within a specific MSA.

Self-Storage Metropolitan Area Report – First Quarter 2013
The Self-Storage Metropolitan Statistical Area Report, prepared by Cushman & Wakefield and Self Storage Data Services, contains information regarding income, expenses, occupancy, supply, asking rental rates, concessions, and rent per available square foot within a specific MSA (choose from 50 markets).

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If You Could Save 2%± on Your Credit Card Sales, Would You?

Mobile-Payments-Giant-Square-Aims-to-fossilize-The-Cash-RegisterSpecifically for new customers (and potential ongoing customers), would it peek your interest?

If your managers used IPads to set up a new customer, they could show the customer the unit, sign them up on their IPad, have a lock in hand, and then use the Square to take the credit card. Square is easy to use and only costs 1.75% with automatic deposit into your accounts. You could close the whole deal right at the unit’s door. This along with your insurance policy on the IPad, your manager has completed the whole transaction before he/she gets back to the office.

logo-sloganAlso, you should think about using PayPal/Bill Me Later along with normal credit cards. The good news is that the Bill Me Later system is just like a credit card, but they have great incentives, like no payments for 6-9 months, bonus points, etc. There is no credit card to carry, just goes thru the PayPal system and does not cost you a dime. Just think, they could charge 3 months up front and no interest on the card for 6-9 months. Obviously, all the usual credit card issues are there, but Bill Me Later is becoming the go to “credit card”.

Just some ideas. 

 ADA Requirements

Just got back from the AZ Self-Storage convention.  A lot of great ideas and thoughts, but one I wanted to get out immediately was regarding the ADA requirements (click here to download pdf of complete ADA Requirements). I am sure all of you are already complying, but thought I would just send you an article to refresh your memory on those requirements.

Don’t forget, you do not have to “hold” spaces, just make them available, and if you have structural issues with office/bathroom requirements, there are variances you can apply for.

Any questions, give me a call 1.775.828.0767.  I am not the expert, but I know an Attorney that is all over it.

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