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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a CPA that you deal directly with, that knows the Self Storage business, that works in all 50 states and is there for you when you need him?
Following construction and 2 years of operating my self storage facility, I had become uneasy with my previous accountant’s fees and related IRS filings. My search for alternatives led me to Jerry. His knowledge of the storage business resulted in significant savings that had not been taken advantage of by my previous accountant. Now I can feel comfortable by giving Jerry a call on small considerations, as well as major financial planning. For business or personal financing I highly recommend Jerry to all of my customers and friends.
Tim Farrell
Anchor Storage, LLC, Nevada

Home Office Deduction Rules Get a Remodel

If you run a business out of your home, it's important to understand the associated federal income tax deductions that you might be entitled to. That's especially true this year, with new rules that make it easier than ever for some to claim a deduction.

What's a home office?

A home office is generally a room in your home, a portion of a room in your home, or a separate building next to your home (such as a converted garage or barn) that you use to conduct business activities. In order to deduct associated expenses, though, certain requirements apply.

Basic requirements

Your home office must be used regularly and exclusively as your principal place of business, or as a place where you meet or deal with clients, patients, or customers, in the normal course of your business. If you have a business outside your home, but conduct substantial administrative and management tasks for your business at home (e.g., billing clients, keeping books and records) you may qualify, provided that you have no other fixed location where you could conduct these activities.

Crush Your Competition: 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips for the Fastest Way to Huge Profits

Crush your competitionThis book contains low-cost, high-return marketing tactics and specifics to make incredible profit in the self-storage business, whether you're a new startup or an established operation that needs fresh ideas.

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Late2Lien Improves Lien Sales and Cash Flow for Operators

late2lien logoIf you are like most operators or management companies today, the lien notification process is managed through a division of labor and effort between site managers, district managers, executive management, and legal counsel. The larger the organization, the more resources are consumed. The biggest issue is coordinating all these "touch points" to execute the same activity continuously, on-time, and accurately to avoid wrongful sale liability.

There is more to compliance than simply mailing a default notice when your occupant is late,” said Jeffrey Greenberger, Esq., owner of Late2Lien, LLC. “Every state’s default notice must contain accurate information, particular time calculations, and must be delivered to the occupant and others in compliance with the statute.

Furthermore, with nearly half of the U.S state legislatures making changes to self-storage laws, a change in your process is inevitable and compliance is required. So you have to ask yourself – How can you implement these changes and not increase or redirect internal focus to do so?

Self-Storage Professionals’ Guide
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elf-Storage Professionals' GuideBy: The Editors of Mini-Storage Messenger

Category: Self-Storage Professionals’ Guide

Issue: 2013 

The Self-Storage Professionals’ Guide is a must-have resource for anyone developing a facility, renovating an existing site, or acquiring one in today’s market. Self-storage is a no longer a simple business, and understanding the growth and complexity of the industry is essential. With editorial by respected industry professionals, the Self-Storage Professionals’ Guide is an effective tool to help gauge the potential profitability of a project.

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