Jerry Jones CPA
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a CPA that you deal directly with, that knows the Self Storage business, that works in all 50 states and is there for you when you need him?
In addition to being the best tax advisor I have had the pleasure of working with, Jerry is first and foremost a wonderful person. Building my first storage facility and being a rookie to the industry, I was nervous on what I could expect in my first year of development. With all of the ups and downs of this first year all I can say is I had absolutely no worries when it came to the the most important part of our business - the numbers. Jerry Jones took the time to answer every question or concern we had when going though this process. If you are in the storage business give yourself a leg up and apply Jerry’s experience and expertise of this expanding and ever changing industry. You will be thankful you did.
Bill Pederson
Lock it and Leave it storage

Choose a Convenient IRS Payment Option

credit-card-payment-tax-payment-jerry-jonesIt’s never been easier to make a tax payment. You can pay online, by phone or with the IRS2Go app. You can view your options at The October 16 deadline for extension filers is near. If you need to pay your taxes, consider one of these payment options. 

With IRS Direct Pay, you can pay with your checking or savings account immediately or schedule your payment in one single online session that’s secure, easy and free. You can opt in to receive email notifications about your payment each time you submit a payment with Direct Pay.

You Can Access Secure Federal Tax Information Online

federal-tax-information-Jerry-Jones-CPAThe IRS continues to expand taxpayer services by adding new features to online tools. You can access your federal tax account through a secure login at Once in your account, you can view the amount you owe along with details of your balance, view 18 months of payment history, access Get Transcript, and view key information from your current year tax return. In addition, you can pay from your bank account with a debit or credit card and apply for an online payment agreement if you need more time to pay.

French firm aims to bring robots to U.S. self-storage facilities

by John Egan

Matthieu Besozzi faced a dilemma.

One of his two self-storage facilities in Toulouse, France, was too small to justify the cost of hiring a manager. So he and his colleagues decided to operate the 10,000-square-foot facility remotely, without any staff.

However, managing a facility remotely demands regular on-site visits to handle day-to-day tasks, such as checking on a property's cleanliness and security.

The solution? Besozzi and his colleagues developed their own self-storage robot.

Today, six Keylo robots are being used by self-storage facilities in France, the Netherlands and Switzerland, with another 14 robot deployments in Europe scheduled for the remainder of 2017.

And if all goes as planned, Keylo robots soon will be roaming self-storage facilities in the U.S.

Wyca Robotics is looking for the first US facility to use its Keylo robot for unmanned operations.

The robots are coming

Starting a Business This Summer/Fall? Here’s Five Tax Tips

small-business-start-business-IRS-CPA-Jerry-Jones-tax-adviceIf summer/Fall plans include starting a business, be sure to visit The IRS website has answers to questions on payroll and income taxes, credits and deductions plus more.

New business owners may find the following five IRS tax tips helpful:

1. Business Structure. An early choice to make is to decide on the type of structure for the business. The most common types are sole proprietor, partnership and corporation. The type of business chosen will determine which tax forms to file.

2. Business Taxes. There are four general types of business taxes. They are income tax, self-employment tax, employment tax and excise tax. In most cases, the types of tax a business pays depends on the type of business structure set up. Taxpayers may need to make estimated tax payments. If so, use IRS Direct Pay to make them. It’s the fast, easy and secure way to pay from a checking or savings account.

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